Infomorph Live

VR Chat System


Simplest 360 video chat solution

Our Infomorph Live Plugin is the simplest plugin for "RICOH THETA V" and "RICOH THETA Z1" to stream 360 degrees video and audio in real-time. If you use "RICOH THETA X", please refer the page for RICOH THETA X. We prepare the different plugin for it. By registering your ID and your THETA devices at, you can get the URL for your device. By using the URL, your remote online friends can see and talk with you by using your THETA and their smartphone’s or PC’s browser. 

It is so simple to start a live streaming. The live streaming will start by just launching the plugin after connecting THETA to Internet. This plugin uses WebRTC technology. WebRTC is the interactive communications technology which is used widely as a web conference technology. Therefore, you can talk between the THETA holder and the viewer. Video resolution and frame rate depend on the network environment. They are up to 4K 30fps under the best network condition. THETA or browser attempt to connect P2P (pear to pear): direct connection, but if it cannot achieved, the it may relayed via TURN server. Even in the relayed case, we don't touch the connection. You can confirm the number of connections in the browser, it should be two if the connection is configured by one browser and one THETA.


This service is provided as a preview version with free of charge and for personal use only. This service may stop or changed suddenly without advance notice. And this service limits the use-case as single P2P session and for short term session. Of course, we can remove such limitations. We can modify the setting easily to use SFU server for many-users connection. But if you think to broadcast to many people for many hours, we recommend you to use YouTube live streaming plugin which is provided from Ricoh. We can also support your use-case.

This service will have a benefit to your business, e.g. factory audit, construction audit, remote real-estate preview, remote on-site witnessing and so on. If you think to use this service in your business or have any questions, please contact us

 If you are using RICOH THETA V/Z1, you can use it by following the steps below.

If you are using RICOH THETA X, please refer to here.

How To Use

0. Prepare Wireless LAN client mode

1.Make sure that wireless lamp turn on blue.

This is access point (AP)-mode. THETA is the accesspoint of Wi-Fi. Smartphone can connect THETA directly when the wireless lamp lights on blue.

We will use client(CL)-mode. THETA connects to Wi-Fi router when it is CL-mode. The wireless lamp lights on green on CL-mode. In the preparation step, we will make the wireless lamp light on green.

2.Launch the app that "THETA" for smartphone and tap "setting".

3. Tap "Wireless LAN client mode"

4. Tap "(a)Access point setting"

5. Tap "Add access point".

6. Input your Network name, security and password.

7. By doing a long press of Wireless-Taste, wireless lamp will turn on green.

1. Install Plugin 

1. Install Infomorph Live plugin

Install RICOH THETA basic app in PC (Windows / macOS).

Access to plugin store and find "Infomorph Live"(here is the direct link) plugin from PC.

Click "Install" button.

2. Change default plugin to "Infomorph Live" plugin

Open RICOH THETA basic app in PC.

Select [File] → [Plug-in management] in the menu.

        Select the plug-in to run from the plug-in list.

   Select [Done].

3. Connect THETA to Internet by wireless LAN client mode

4. Launch Infomorph Live plugin

Long pressing "Mode" button to launch the plugin.

 2. Resister User&THETA 

This URL is your management hub of Infomorph Live service.

2. Click "Create Account"

We may invalidate this link to limit the uses. In this case, please ask us by email, if you want to create account.

3. Input your Email.

4.Input your name and your password.

5.Select your THETA model and serial number. 

Here, in the red square, the THETA model is "RICOH THETA V", and the serial number is "00123456. 

And press "Resister Device"

If you registered several devices, you can see your device list here.

6. The new URL will be shown if the registration is succeeded. Click the URL to see the device's live streaming. If you want to change the URL, press "Revice URL" button.

3. Connection

1. Re-launch the plugin. If succeed, Video recording lamp will turn on red. 

2. Connect to your URL by browser, you can see the video image of THETA if succeeded.

4. VR support (option)

To use VR glasses with Android device, install Google VR service first

5. FAQ

Q1: Which browser is supported?

A1: We use WebRTC technology. The following link shows the current support regarding WebRTC.

We tested with Safari for MacOS/iOS, Chrome for Windows/Android. 

Q2: How to increase sound volume?

A2: THETA V/Z1 has a small speaker. Therefore the sound volume is low if it is maximized. If you need more sound volume, you can use USB speaker such as Jabra Speak 510. It changes the usability, Infomorph Live system changes to be a 360 Web conference system. To use USB speaker, just connect your USB speaker before turning power on THETA V/Z1. 

Q3: How to improve the internet connection?

A3: THETA V/Z1 has Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz and 5GHz depending on the shipped area. Normally, 5GHz is faster than 2.4GHz, if the distance is close between THETA and Wi-Fi router. The best way to connect internet is Ethernet connection by using USB Ethernet adapter. We tested the adapter UGreen USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Q4: Are there any limitations on current service?

A2: The number of people who can see the view of THETA on the browser is currently limited to two. And the length of continuous connection is currently limited to 10 min. But we can change them easily. We want to hear your opinions and see your use-cases. Please contact us for the details.